I have been a keen photographer since my teenage years when I first got hold of my father's Zenith E SLR. I found the taking of pictures to be peaceful and couldn’t, wait to see what I had produced from the outing. There were some disappointments, but some equally enjoyable memories recorded of places visited.


I was fortunate enough to do a photography course in my sixth form year, where I learnt a great deal more about using the camera effectively and creatively, developing black and white film and printing as well. The sheer joy of witnessing what you had taken come through was an amazing feeling, as it was 100% all my own work from the taking of the image right up to the printing.


Shortly after that, I purchased my own SLR camera, a more modern version of the Zenith range, and a little while later a Konica SLR. The cameras served me well for many years, though mainly family photography as there never seemed enough time to go out and do photography for leisure.


In 2017 I was exploring with my iPhone camera and came to realize that this took great pictures as well, as a result of both using the DSLR and the iPhone I was able to capture images, at any time, day or night. The results were good and gave me the push to progress even further forward with my passion.


Mid-year 2017 I became very unwell, and it was very much photography that helped to pull me through as it kept me focused on things, but more importantly, it helped me to see the beauty of everything around me, and allowed me to put my take on life.


I very much enjoy taking photos of all genres, but the landscape is my real passion, as just walking around in all conditions makes me feel closer to nature, where so much peace can be found, in such a turmoiled world


I joined the RPS and The Guild of Photographers, to help further improve my skills, taking an OU course through the RPS. Once completing this, successfully, I turned semi-professional, to include weddings.


I have completed the OU course with the RPS (2018), further developing my skills allowing me to venture into new areas of photography, including wedding, portrait and art nude.


I am a member of the the Royal Photographic Society (RPS), and the Guild of Photographers.